The Researching Centre for Agrarian Sciences and Applied Economics (RCASAE) is a multidisciplinary Researching and Posgraduate Centre  which is focused to strengthen the Development Polo at UNAN-León that profits  western Nicaragua farmers and Central Americans farmers in a second time. The Centre promotes research into the Bio Economy that offers a new epistemology to investigate the socioeconomic system in partnership with the biological system and involves the validation of Bio Technology in the agricultural forest production subsystem and coastal marine research in terms of adaptability and mitigation of climate change. For this, the Centre promotes multidisciplinary research between universities colaborative CNU members and CSUCA. The centre focuses on agricultural production systems, livestock, forestry, aquaculture and beekeeping in investigative function of food and nutrition security and adaptability and mitigation of climate change.

The research center and graduate based on organizational autonomy, brings together specialists in the agricultural sciences, science, food technology, quality control, legal and social science and applied economics from UNAN-Leon and the member universities CNU (i.e. UNA, NITLAPAN-UCA-Managua UNAN) organized on the advisory board with key representatives of organizations of farmers organized in the production board in order to exploit synergies to meet farmer demand .

On the inside UNAN-Leon, CICAEA works to strengthen the productive units, primarily through economic validation of the technologies developed by laboratories and Technology Research Centers (i.e. measuring the efficiency and productivity), making the Agricultural Campus and Program of Veterinary Medicine and food technology, Economics and Business and law a development pole of reference for the producers.