imageContribute to the analysis of the impact of the components of the Bio Economic development and innovation of technology (Bio Technology), its adaptability to climate change, food security and nutrition and environmental conservation, and improvement the living conditions of rural households.


  1. Strengthen the technical capacities of public and private institutions that use products and services based on Bio Technology..
  1. Contribute to generate scientific knowledge in the validation of technologies implemented by the institutions of production cabinets, social and environmental and other local actors operating in the territory, compared to traditional approaches.
  1. To develop skills in the knowledge of the emerging bio economy for productivity and efficiency analysis applied in the agricultural sciences and agricultural economics.
  1. To contribute to local sustainable development of territories where citizen power cabinets and other local stakeholders to implement programs and projects of social impact, through scientific research, technical and economic partner.
  1. Contribute to knowledge management as an essential input of the Bio Economy and Technology as its most prominent component, public disclosure of research results relevant to the interests of producers / as and their bio economy.
  1. To generate information relevant to the development of the Bio Economy in project / product / market, such as life cycle analysis of bio-based products, technologies and value chain, local impacts (income, employment, food security ), competitive analysis, market potential.